Alert in the US for a suspicious envelope addressed to Trump and a package with ricina reached the Pentagon

Alert in the US for a suspicious envelope addressed to Trump and a package with ricina reached the Pentagon

The Secret Service of the United States said Tuesday that it has intercepted a “suspicious envelope” addressed to president Donald Trump , and is investigating the incident, shortly after the Pentagon report in turn that he had detected in the vicinity one package that contained ricin poison.

The Secret Service, charged with ensuring the safety of the US president and his family, said in a statement Monday that he detected “a suspicious envelope addressed to the president.” “The envelope was not received in the White House, nor never entered the White House,” the agency said.

“We can confirm that we are working together with our partners in the security agencies to thoroughly investigate this matter, and that all threats addressed to the president or any person protected by the Secret Service are taken seriously and investigated thoroughly,” the note adds. .

The Secret Service did not give details about the possible content of the envelope or its origin, but the information arrived the same day the Pentagon revealed that it had found a suspicious package sent to the Pentagon that, according to preliminary analyzes, contained ricin poison.

That package did not enter at any time in the headquarters of the Defense portfolio but was located on Monday in one of its surrounding buildings by agents of the Pentagon’s security forces, said a spokesman for the Department, Colonel Robert Manning, it’s a statement.

As reported by CNN, the package would contain two envelopes, addressed to the Secretary of Defense, James Mattis, and the Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral John Richardson.

“All mail received yesterday at the Pentagon control building is under observation, the facility is in quarantine and Pentagon personnel are not considered to be in danger,” Manning said. The package was turned over to the FBI for additional analysis.

On the other hand, a team responsible for hazardous materials also went to the campaign office of Texas Senator Ted Cruz, after a letter containing white powder was received. Houston firefighters moved two people who had been exposed to the substance to the hospital.

Castor beans contain the toxic protein known as ricin, which is highly poisonous and was used in the past by the terrorist group Al Qaeda with the aim of committing biological attacks. Also Shannon Rogers Guess, actress of The Walking Dead, was imputed in 2013 after confessing that he had sent ricin letters to Barack Obama and the former mayor of New York.