Angela Davis: “Feminism is the strategy against gender repression, against racism and fascism”

Angela Davis: “Feminism is the strategy against gender repression, against racism and fascism”

Angela Davis continues to be a radical black feminist committed to the defense of civil rights , almost fifty years after being imprisoned in California (USA) accused as a dangerous terrorist by the FBI.

If one day this philosopher said that “feminism is the radical idea that women are people,” this Tuesday – in his brief visit to Madrid for a conference this Thursday afternoon at La Casa Encendida – he defended that feminism it is “a strategy to combat the repression of gender but also against racism and fascism “.

Davis, an icon of the feminist struggle, continues to defend that feminism can not be anything other than “anti-racist” and “anti-capitalist” and involved in the struggle for civil rights. “An integrating and holistic feminism”. Because she does not understand, she has assured, that justice can be defended only for a specific group of people and not for others.

Feminism that is not in solidarity with migrants, that does not mobilize against climate change, or for animal welfare, seems to her a ” contradiction “.

As the maximum exponent of intersectionality, the union of race and gender in the feminist struggle , and deferrer of social justice, Angela Davis is still questioned by a feminism that prioritizes the rights and freedoms of women at the bottom of the social scale, those below, above the one that prioritizes women who can already touch the glass ceiling.

In her brief appearance before the media, Davis has been asked about the current debate on feminism in Spain, which is the subject of feminism and whether it is exclusive of women born to women or if protagonism is shared with transgender and transgender women.

“Feminism must be as broad and spacious as possible,” said the North American activist.

His reflection has gone further: “When one analyzes gender violence, both intimate, public and institutional, transsexuals are always victims and that should worry us,” he said.

In this sense, for the American feminist ” gender violence is a global pandemic ” that can not be understood detached from institutional violence. “There is a relationship between violence at the individual level and the violence of the States, we will not eradicate one if the other does not disappear.” In this sense, she has applauded the approach of the denunciation of feminicide in Mexico, “where they already clearly appeal to the connection between domestic and institutional violence”.

Angela Davis is convinced of the power of feminism at the present time. She has vindicated the role of women in public protest against the policies of Donald Trump , whom he has called ‘squat’ of the White House.

The woman who once presented herself to the vice president of the United States as a candidate of the most radical left has lamented that the Trump presidency is empowered to the fascists all over the planet , and has quoted Bolsonaro (Brazil), Duterte (Philippines) or the ultra right currents that emerge again in Europe. He also lamented “the trip to the right of a large part of the population in the United States”, which for her is “devastating” because, in addition to everything, it implies “a violent and explicit racism” in its centrality.

The main problem the world has now, according to Davis, is the struggle for the rights of migrants and refugees . And, regarding the future, he believes that ” food policies ” will soon focus another of the global battles.

She, who stopped eating meat in prison “but because she was rotten”, believes that the defense of good treatment of animals is not earned with proselytism but with awareness, based on dismantling deception and demagogy.

“I stopped eating meat, but I did not want to impose my practices on others”, he has set an example. “I prefer that people reach their own conclusions , that they are aware of what it takes to produce what we consume, and not only with animals, but also with plants, if not, look at Monsanto, which has colonized the world and generated its benefits by producing carcinogenic pesticides. “