Aznar, surrounded by Pablo Casado: “The Government of Spain is conditioned by coup leaders”

Aznar, surrounded by Pablo Casado: “The Government of Spain is conditioned by coup leaders”

The PP of Pablo Casado has been characterized by vindicating the past of the party, and this Tuesday has been given a sample more. The popular president has embraced José María Aznar in the presentation of his book The future is today, in what was the break with the policy that had marked the formation with Rajoy: not attend the acts of the former president of the Government.

The key question of the act was made precisely by Aznar to his successor, after Rajoy’s step: “Pablo, when are we going to win the elections?” he said between laughs from Casado himself.

“I am grateful to Aznar as a father, for having left a better country,” said Casado to open his mouth, supporting the work of the ex-leader of the Executive. Where they wanted to deepen both was in the regeneration of the center-right political space. “He integrated into the PP everything that was on the right of the PSOE ,” said Casado and “I aspire to recover it,” he said.

“This is not only possible, it is necessary,” the opposition leader continued. For his part, José María Aznar wielded, after describing Casado as his “political boss”, that “the Popular Party must be rebuilt because it is indispensable to understand Spanish democracy .

On Catalonia, Aznar indirectly asked for a return to 155. “When someone goes outside the law, it is in the hands of the Government to recover it,” he warned, before warning that the secessionism grew due to “failures” of the one who governed at the time.

“You can not look for intermediate land because it does not exist.” Aznar also had a dart for Pedro Sánchez around his dialogue with Torra. ” The coup plotters are not only institutions but also condition the Government of Spain, ” he said.

For the former president of the Government we are not in an “epoch of changes, but in a change of epoch” . In this sense, Aznar remains convinced that the problems of Spain “have the solution in the Constitution”, in a clear message to the independence movement. “The problem arises when there is political will to skip that pact,” he said.

On these issues, Pablo Casado said that the Constitution is “the only thing that allows the country not to break” and explained that those who want to “break with the lock of 78” do so to allow “situations of sedition.”

“There are no widgets to reform the Constitution”

From the current PP maintain that there are no “wicks” for a possible profound reform of the Constitution , because they understand that in the current framework “can not be a good dialogue,” in the words of Casado.

For him, in addition, the popular ones are “remaining alone” in that defense . On this, Aznar added that, far from what can now be said, “the Constitution does not fit everything”. Also, it is clear that in Spain there has been “a coup d’état” and that is something that must be rejected “without complexes”.

At the same time that what has been done must be claimed, Pablo Casado considers that it is necessary to “also talk about the future” , because the country has to adapt “to the advances that are coming and are not talked about”.

More Europe or better Europe

In the context of the EU, both have argued that what should be sought is “a better Europe” rather than adding new elements to the current community context. “We have to return to a Europe of the states, which believed in the transfer of sovereignty to prosperity,” explained Casado.

“The European Union was the decision to stop killing itself to live together, and it is the largest welfare area in the world,” he said, but that plan must be “sustainable in the future.” The president of the PP considers that Spain “has to recover its global position”, taking advantage of the “advantageous” situation in which, in his opinion, the country will be after the brexit.

Aznar, for his part, wanted to clarify that for Spain to be strong in Europe and in the world, it has to have internal stability, something that now “does not exist” with Sánchez. “There is no doubt that the EU has to be preserved, but it has to be placed,” he concluded, and does not believe there is anything “more stupid” than leaving it in the hands of “populism.”