Leaders of the PP raise the possibility of integrating in the candidacy of Manuel Valls in Barcelona

Leaders of the PP raise the possibility of integrating in the candidacy of Manuel Valls in Barcelona


The candidacy of Manuel Valls to the mayor of Barcelona is seen with expectation by numerous leaders of the Popular Party, who do not rule out the possibility of the PP being integrated into the proposal that seconded Citizens for the Catalan capital. At least, they believe that their party should wait to see if it takes off and a gap is made between the favorites and then propose an agreement to accommodate this option.

This idea is weighed as much between Catalan, historical and new leaders, as by leaders in Madrid, who are taking into account the few possibilities that the surveys give to the popular ones to achieve a good result in Barcelona.

The latter base their reflections on the need not to divide the constitutionalist vote. That is why they believe that if the candidacy of Manuel Valls had an electoral pull, they should concentrate around it and join forces.

Therefore, they believe that they should give some leeway to see how it evolves, since the latest published polls did not give the former prime minister’s candidacy great results. In fact, the survey published a week ago by El Periódico placed Valls in third place, with seven councilors, compared to 11 Ernst Maragall, which is in the lead, and 8 or 9 that gave Colau.

In the opinion of leaders of the Catalan PP would be good to wait until January and, depending on how the support of this candidacy supported by Citizens evolve, take a decision. In addition, they fear that without a powerful candidate, the acronym of the PP may end up without representation in the Catalan capital, something that they consider even worse for the PP than if they do not present their own candidacy.

Among the arguments offered to integrate into the candidacy of Manuel Valls is the fact that ERC appears at the top of the polls , which could make Barcelona the ‘capital of the Republic’. In this context, they consider that it is better to polarize the vote and that Maragall has a powerful rival that can overcome him in the polls and be the most voted candidate. Something to which they give great importance in this situation.

However, this opinion is not uniform in the PP, since other popular leaders believe that their party can not lose their initials in Barcelona. They argue in this sense that the PP always appear in all corners of Spain and do not conceive not to appear in Barcelona, ​​which is a ‘key’ square. In this sense, after remembering that to govern in Barcelona 21 councilors are needed , they bet because each constitutionalist party loyalizes its voters and then adds.

At the end of September, the president of the PP, Pablo Casado, spoke on the matter, assuring that the PP was going to present itself in Barcelona with its own initials. The PP, he said, “has to be in all cities and more in Barcelona”, but opted, when asked about the candidacy of Valls , for “talking to the Constitutionalists” to get a “sufficient majority”.