New black day with two sexist crimes and another in investigation

New black day with two sexist crimes and another in investigation

On the landing of the building where he lived, in Carena street in Seville, stabbed. In the Miguel Servet hospital in Zaragoza, because of the burns he suffered after burning his house in Pamplona. Two different modus operandi, two cities located more than 900 kilometers away but a tragic common denominator: two murders confirmed as presumed sexist crimes . The number of women killed in a single day could rise to three depending on how the investigation on the cadavers of a man and a woman found in the Alicante town of Finestrat.

The victim of the Andalusian capital was of Moroccan nationality , of 36 years and with two children, of nine and thirteen. It was one of them who called the Emergency Service 112 Andalusia about 8.45 am on Tuesday warning that they had stabbed his mother and asking for help. Soon after, the National Police arrested the ex-wife. The man, 51 years old and with a history of gender violence and sexual abuse, had been denounced by four other women and on him weighed a restraining order with respect to another resident in Córdoba.

The deceased had on her part a complaint for mistreatment lodged against her former partner and father of the minors, currently in prison . The children have been taken care of by the specialized group of the Psychological Support Service in Crisis for Daughters and Sons of Women Deadly Victims of Gender Violence.

The victim of the Navarrese capital, 50 years old, debated during a week between life and death in the burn unit. She was seriously injured on October 16 in the fire at her home, of which her partner is accused. The flames also wounded the accused and four other people had to be taken to the hospital by smoke inhalation.

In the first instance, the investigation was taken over by a Pamplona Magistrate’s Court, but a day later its owner was inhibited in favor of the Violence against Women Court, as there were indications of sexist violence in the events. Last Monday, the judge decreed provisional detention for the man , 47 years old, to whom he imputes the crimes of fire and attempted murder or murder.

The day worsened when sources of the Civil Guard informed of the finding of two corpses in a house of Finestrat . A man and a woman, both of Spanish nationality, had been shot dead with a shotgun. Maria BB, 33, had the shot in the neck and Pedro LL, 40, in the head. The weapon was under the bodies, according to the same sources, who specified that, at the moment, all the hypotheses are open regarding the cause and the authorship.

In fact, it is still not clear what relationship there was between the deceased or who was the person who warned of the discovery of the corpses through a telephone call made about noon. While one version points out that María and Pedro were a couple since the one who made the announcement was an ex of her, another version maintains that the victims had been together but in the past and that the one who made the call was the girl’s current boyfriend.

Yes it is known, after the investigations carried out by the agents of the Civil Guard after finding the bodies without life, that the woman had been included twice in the VioGen system as a victim of episodes of mistreatment, but none was in force. We will have to wait for the investigation to end, which has been taken over by the Judicial Police team of the armed institute of Villajoyosa. to find out what really happened in that house in the province of Alicante.

The cases of Seville and Pamplona raise to 43 the number of murdered so far in 2018. Since 2003, the year in which the official collection of data began, 971 women have lost their lives at the hands of their partners or ex-partners . The figure could increase with the review of the statistics that will be carried out. This review will focus on the cases that, at the end of each year, were under investigation and that today would be eleven.