Prisons figure in 50.4% the follow-up of the strike of civil servants and the unions raise it to 85%

Prisons figure in 50.4% the follow-up of the strike of civil servants and the unions raise it to 85%

Penitentiary Institutions figure the follow-up of the general strike of prison officers by 50.43%, while the five convening unions raise it to 85 % in the morning shift, which has passed without incidents, except for the cuts in the accesses of several centers.

As reported by the General Secretariat of Penitentiary Institutions, the more than 80 penitentiary and social insertion centers dependent on the State Administration operate “normally” on the first day of the strike organized by the unions CC OO, UGT, CSIF, Acaip and CIGO to which 25,000 workers are called.

Prisons ensures that on the morning shift, begun at 8:30 am and with an average follow-up of 50.4%, “almost all” of the minimum services have been incorporated .

The only problems, according to Prisons, have been recorded in the early hours on some access roads to prisons, which has caused a delay in the entry of workers of the morning shift and, therefore, a delay in the relay with officials of the night shift.

By communities

By Autonomous Communities, the centers with more unemployment follow-ups were those located in Murcia (67.71%) Valencia (66.76%) Canary Islands (63.4%), Balearic Islands (58.62) Andalusia (58.49) , Aragón (58,26), Madrid (51,96), Castilla-La Mancha (50,39) and Extremadura (50,93).

The strike has been seconded by less than 20%, according to the General Secretariat, in the prisons of Ceuta (19.61%), Melilla (10), Navarra (9.30) and País Vasco (0.68). In the latter, the limited follow-up, according to Efe sources consulted, is due to the fact that these officials charge even a special complement for dangerousness.

The spokespersons of CC OO, CSIF and Acaip are “very satisfied” by the massive follow-up – an average of 85 percent – of these first hours of the first day of strike (there is a call for another five days), although they have denounced as “abusive” the minimum services decreed.

Minimal services have been decreed above a normal day,” complained the CC OO Prisons official, Silvia Fernández, who has detailed that inmates are guaranteed health services, food and the regime office that processes the arrival and departure of prisoners.

Scheduled visits

Prison sources have also made it clear to Efe that they have not been affected by the strike or communications or visits of scheduled family members , nor the commissary nor the judicial proceedings, considered essential services for all inmates.

Precisely, one of the incidents “without major consequences”, according to union and prison sources, has occurred in the prison of Archidona (Malaga) when a van left the Civil Guard in a drive with some inmate and a group of workers on strike prevented his departure, although the agents have evicted the road without problems.

The unions demand with this strike to the Ministry of the Interior work improvements after the “deception” of the Government for having withdrawn its offer of salary increase shortly after promising it.

According to these organizations, the Secretary General of Penitentiary Institutions, Angel Luis Ortiz, offered a game of 123 million euros for the period 2019-2021 for a wage increase that would mean 123 gross monthly for each employee.

Sources of Penitentiary Institutions have reminded Efe that a technical study was presented to the trade union centrals and not an offer and that it proposed to work on the reform of the classification of workers according to the center in which they work, something that is not It had been modified since 2005.

The aim was to reduce the categories from 9 to 3, which would result in greater wage equalization, according to the same sources.

The sources have been sent to the agreement of the Bureau of Public Service where all unions -Acaip is not represented- signed a salary known for the triennium 2018-2020, of 1.75%, 2.25% and 2 % for each of the years as a fixed increase, plus the variable percentages that were also agreed.