Raquel Sánchez Silva: “The time has come to take my most crazy facet”

Raquel Sánchez Silva: “The time has come to take my most crazy facet”

The new magazine of La 1 for access prime time has an innovative and street spirit. In the following (which will premiere on October 29, at 22.05 h), Raquel Sánchez Silva and her large team of collaborators want to make the people on foot protagonists and part of the program.

What is Next ?
It is an opportunity to open the television to the people and to allow the protagonists to be in them: the entity that is on the street, in a supermarket, in a gym … and we are going to make them enter a set of TV. We are going to give more importance to people than to ourselves, which downloads a lot.

Does that unpredictable point make you nervous?
A little bit because we’re playing with something uncontrollable, but that’s why it’s Next . Calling us like that, we have become a bit slaves to the need to innovate, we could not come with a program that has already been done. We could not be the same as always (laughs).

You can do this program because people come into the game …
I think we have the wrong idea about people’s willingness to participate. We have already tried many sections and I love the participation of older people, it is the most spontaneous, the funniest, the one that no longer has any embarrassment and they throw themselves in the iron.

People want to participate, but maybe there are no real opportunities to say what they want, because to say what you are looking for is easy, but here for example we are going to make them participate in the interview, because everyone can have something to ask for example to Paco León.

What is your trick in the interviews?
I try to be very, very comfortable. I call it mullidito. That they feel embraced, that they do not feel the interview as an attack. If, when you finish an interview, the interviewee says “I’ve had a great time, I’ve felt comfortable”, then the people who have seen it tell you the same thing, because that is transmitted.

And to coax them?
It is not my goal to draw, when someone wants to tell something, he tells it.

And not all interviews have to have the same tone, right?
The interview is an important part of a program that has it, but you have to think that it has a function, which should be to have a message, the message of the program. In this case, have a good time, do not get upset … like being with a blanket on the sofa. If you want that you have to be consistent with the interviews.

Is everything invented on TV, can you still innovate?
There are things that were done a long time ago, they stopped doing and now they recover. On the other hand, no, everything is not invented. TV is like a chemical formula. It is invented that there is a camera and a presenter, for example, they are two ingredients, but there are no exact formulas. You can mix the ingredients and one day it comes out a bit more salty or a little more bland. In what can be innovated more is in the way of doing it, of telling it.

Any news in What’s next to surprise?
There are many, but one can be the set, which has not been seen yet … because it moves. And you do not know how it moves and the effect it has on camera.

Are you going to allow this format to be a little more hooligan?
The time has come (laughs). Sometimes I could do it in Survivors, because Jorge Javier Vázquez allowed it and it propitiated it and I had a great time, because I am very clown, very rude, very crazy. And I love having a good time and having a good time on TV. Here will be my most crazy faeta.

They will review the lives of the guests based on their Wikipedia, have you looked at yours? Are you searching on Google?
No, I do not, I do not like to see me (laughs). It gives me a little bit of cosics . Sometimes you have to look at it, because Wikipedia is full of flaws. I prefer to think how the program, in the following, the footprint on the internet does not seduce me, I do not look for it.

You are going to replace a program that generated controversy for getting into gardens …
One program replaces another, that always happens. I ask respect for the teams of the programs, because all they want is for their program to go well and work. You have to be respectful with all attempts to make television and when there are relays, there are.

It will be the case of seeing it in the access prime time and then …
And then appear with the pen and the sequin in Masters of Sewing. It will happen. I will give way to myself. Go ahead, Rachel, thank you, Rachel (laughs). Neither do I believe that it will be a disruption in the space of time. The next thing … it will be me too (laughs).

From your beginnings in Teleplasencia to now, what have you learned?
That TV is very nice, I love doing it, but that is not so important. That it is time to play down and not make everything grow and that there is always controversy. You have to live it naturally and enjoy it.

And that did not happen to him at the beginning?
When you start making television you do not enjoy it, because you are too nervous, tight for what might happen, scared by the mistake you can make. Now I’m on another plane, I consider it a magnificent instrument, beautiful and what I do is have fun.

Do the polemics arise because it is the great common element?
The controversies do not come from the television, not even from the social networks, they come from the mass media that provoke them.

Do not you think it could be because they are issues that everyone has seen?
Everyone watches TV, what a few years ago there were those who thought not. But yes, people are still watching TV, the way to see it is what has changed. Yes, it is a point of union and if it is a successful program, the things that happen are discussed. Now you live, live, or live in the dictatorship of the click and sometimes the only way to do it is making noise, but deep down nothing is really that bad.