Sanchez does not clarify if he will meet in Cuba with the opposition but will not go “just as a seller”

Sanchez does not clarify if he will meet in Cuba with the opposition but will not go “just as a seller”

The President of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, has avoided this Wednesday on two occasions to answer the question of the President of Citizens, Albert Rivera , about whether he will meet with the opposition or if he will ask for the release of political prisoners in the official trip that will make Cuba on November 22 and 23 next. However, in a more generic response, he assured that he will defend human rights and that he will not go “just as a seller”.

The Cuban opposition has been one of the many topics that have been discussed in the appearance of Sánchez in the Congress , in principle, to present the conclusions of the last European Council and also to determine the position of the Government with regard to the sale of armament to Saudi Arabia .

In an extensive debate that has lasted for more than five hours, Rivera has twice asked him if he plans to meet with the opposition when he goes to Cuba.

In a first response, Sanchez pointed out that not only will he visit the island, but, for example, so did the former president of the United States, Barack Obama, or several popes , from John Paul II to Francisco. “He criticizes me for going to Cuba, if they have gone up to three Popes!” , the president has replied to Rivera.

However, the leader of Citizens has not been satisfied and in a later replica has returned to the burden on the issue that really matters to the orange party, which does not look with bad eyes that Sanchez visit Cuba but he claims to meet with the opposition.

“Are you going to defend human rights to Cuba, yes or no? ” Rivera has said, reminding Sanchez that “Obama went to Cuba and in his speech called for the release of political prisoners and met with the Ladies White, “he said, referring to the Ladies in White. “Listen to Cuban dissidents .”

With a tense tone, Sanchez has settled the question by saying his question and with a succinct answer. “Are you willing to defend human rights in Cuba? The answer is yes, we agree, I am no longer just a seller,” the president replied.