Social bonus: A discount on your electricity bill

Social bonus: A discount on your electricity bill

The social bonus is an aid to families with low income and / or at risk of vulnerability that allows a reduction in the cost of electric power in their bills.

Said saving is, in the last instance, between 25 and 40% of the cost of energy, and applies only to customers of the domestic market in their usual home, provided that the Voluntary Price for the Small Consumer price has been contracted ( PVPC) and a power not exceeding 10kw. Despite being an aid that can be accessed provided that the requirements are met, many households that could be accommodated do not.

To access the social bonus, three types of clients are established with different access conditions:

1. Vulnerable consumer

They occur in the case of large families, family units maintained by pensioners with a minimum pension or family units with income equal to or less than 11,300 euros per year -without minors in charge-, 15,000 euros per year -with a dependent child- or 18,800 euros a year -with two minors in charge-. In all these cases, the discount is 25% with respect to the cost of energy.

2. Severe vulnerable consumer

It is valued in this way when the family unit is large and receives an income equal to or less than 15,000 euros per year ; those maintained by pensioners with less than 7,500 euros a year are also in this category. Likewise, it is the case of family units with income if this is equal to or less than 50% established for vulnerable clients (Point 1). In these cases, the reduction in the cost of energy is 40%.

3. Consumers at risk of social exclusion

In case the severe vulnerable customers of point 2 are treated by social services or corresponding body of the Autonomous Community that finances at least 50% of their electricity bills, the financing of the invoice is 100%. In this case, the light is not cut off under any circumstances.

In addition, it is always necessary to clarify that there is a consumption limit, in kWh, according to the family unit . If none of the components is minor, this limit is set at 1,200 kWh , and amounts to 1,680 kWh or 2040 kWh if there are one or two minors, respectively. In the case of large families, the limit extends to 3,600 kWh; in the one of the pensioners, to 1,680 kWh. If these figures are exceeded, the energy will be billed at the PVPC price.

How to request it?

The social bonus can be requested from the reference dealer, although it will be the Ministry, the body that grants the aid, who will evaluate the documentation of each person and determine whether or not it will benefit from the discount.

To be able to request it, it is essential to have certain documentation , always in force. In all cases it is necessary to present a photocopy of the DNI or NIE of the owner of the supply point and of each of the members of the family unit to which the owner belongs for which said document is mandatory. In addition, it is necessary to show a photocopy of the family book of the family unit or, where appropriate, a certification of the individual sheet of the Civil Registry of the owner or of each of the individuals of the family unit. Finally, it is essential to have a certificate of registration in force both the owner and all members of the family unit.

The current beneficiaries of the previous social bond have until October 8 as the deadline to renew their conditions if they want to continue enjoying this discount on their bill.