The assassin of Pioz, according to the Civil Guard: “narcissist, lonely and with irrepressible desire to kill”

The assassin of Pioz, according to the Civil Guard: “narcissist, lonely and with irrepressible desire to kill”

Patrick Nogueira Gouveia , the confessed author of the deaths of his uncles and their two children , two children aged 4 and 1, in the town of Pioz (Guadalajara), is a young “narcissist” and “lonely”, who He drank and smoked a lot and he acted guided by an “unstoppable desire to kill”.

The lieutenant colonel chief of the Civil Guard in Guadalajara, Pascual Segura , and the head of the Group of Crimes against the People of the UCO, the commander Juan Jesus Reina, have offered these data in a press conference in which they have explained the resolution of the crime.

The Civil Guard closed the case and it is clear that the only author of the quadruple murder is Patrick and, although he can not specify the motive for the crime, he doubts that it was a sentimental matter.

After surrendering and traveling to Spain last Wednesday, Patrick acknowledged at the Adolfo Suárez-Madrid Barajas airport police station that he was the author of the savage crime. “He says he is not crazy,” the Civil Guard assured in a press conference in Madrid, which also pointed out the reason for this: “He does not want to show his family the virulence and monstrosity of what he has done” .

He does not want to show his family the virulence and monstrosity of what he has done. The Civil Guard has explained that the confessed author of this crime claims to have “gaps” especially in relation to the death of the children of the marriage. For this reason, they still do not have clear the mobile phone although they point out that the trigger could be “some animosity” towards his uncle Marcos , the last victim and with whom he struggled, for leaving a “small debt” with the landlord in the apartment. who lived in Madrid.

The agents of the Armed Institute are not clear that there was a relationship with Janaina, his uncle’s wife and the person who opened the door of the cottage and, later, was the first victim. “It’s not relevant, that’s not the reason why Patrick murdered the family,” they insisted. “That’s only in Patrick’s mind,” they have pointed out.

Sequence of events

In the absence of some “fringes”, researchers have already fitted all the puzzle pieces on the day of the events, which took place on August 17.

Like every day, Patrick, a very athletic young man, went to the gym in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid) in the morning. Later, he got on a bus around 13.00 to go to Pioz, but not before buying some pizzas and with the intention of offering the family part of them.

As he told the investigators in the only statement made by the Civil Guard, specifically in the facilities of the body in Barajas after arriving from Brazil and surrender voluntarily, already on the bus was aware of their irrepressible desire to kill.

In fact, he had bought garbage bags, insulating tape and a razor.

At around 4:00 pm and after looking at the map that exists at the entrance of the development (Patrick knew the street and number of the house because the victims had given him), he rang the bell and his aunt, Janaina Santos, went out to meet him . Both entered the kitchen, where the supposed murderer nailed him the knife.


He allegedly killed the children later, but in his statement, in which he recognizes certain gaps, he has assured that he does not remember how the children’s lives ended and how he cleaned the house.

The gaps he says have prevented him from telling how he chopped up the bodies and pocketed them. By night, Marcos Campos Nogueira, Patrick’s uncle, arrived at the chalet. He waited at the door of the street, both entered talking to the interior of the house and in the hallway he killed him.

Everything seems to indicate that there was a struggle, because the victim had defense wounds on his hand.

Again, the gaps he has recognized have prevented him from telling how he chopped up the bodies and pocketed them. The Civil Guard has a certain idea, also of the object used, but awaits the final forensic reports.

Yes, he confessed that shortly before four o’clock the next morning, on August 18, he decided to take a shower, put on clothes from his uncle Marcos and went to bed. In fact, the sweep of electricity consumption corroborates that between 4 and 6 the consumption was minimal.

Then he got up and left with a backpack with his clothes and the knife, which he threw in a dumpster in Alcalá de Henares.

At no time has Patrick revealed that he intended to remove the bodies from the house, but the investigators believe that it was his goal, since he took the key to the house, but something prevented him from returning.

And he also took his uncle Marcos’ mobile phone, from which he sent a message to the owner of Pioz’s house, rented by the family, to tell him that he was going to delay payment of the monthly payment, thus preventing the owner went to the house in the next few days.

Nobody heard anything

Nobody heard anything, although a neighbor says that he once heard a scream coming from the chalet, but he has not been able to say when. If it was that night, the scream could have come from Patrick’s uncle if he had time to see the bodies of his wife and children.

What was the mobile? Neither the supposed author is clear. He says he is not crazy, according to the investigators, but he has acknowledged that he had an unstoppable desire to kill and could not avoid it.

What was the mobile? Neither the alleged author has it clear With the help of the agents of the Behavior Analysis unit, the Civil Guard describes Patrick as a somewhat narcissistic, solitary person, with very few relations with society.

Patrick “scores high” in psychoticism, but, at the moment, he could not be labeled a psychopath. “For me, I knew clearly what I was doing and what I was going to do,” stressed Commander Reina.

The alleged author, who drank and smoked a lot, has been shown in his statement before the Civil Guard “calm, serene, cooperative and confident.

The Civil Guard has disconnected the victims and the rest of the family members with any criminal activity.

There remain some unknowns that only Patrick can reveal, but for researchers the important thing is that he has recognized the facts. And he arrived in Spain knowing the burden of proof against him.