The games come out in a thud against the candidacy of Manuel Valls

The games come out in a thud against the candidacy of Manuel Valls

Hours later that the former French minister Manuel Valls has announced that he ” wants to be the next mayor of Barcelona ” and to present the platform ‘ Barcelona, ​​European capital ‘ as the instrument to present himself to the municipal elections, the political parties with representation in the City Hall have reacted criticizing the candidacy of Valls.

The mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau , has stated that she already knew that the economic elites that they have faced since arriving at the City Council were looking for a candidate and that this is former French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, with whom she will be happy to confront her model of city and talk about policies, he said.

In statements to the media, Colau has declared not to be surprised by the candidacy of Valls , since he knew that “they had touched the great interests of certain economic elites” and that they would not sit idly by.

“What would Mr. Valls do? Would he approve or not this 30% that is necessary to advance in the guarantee of the right to housing in the city ?” Asked Colau, who has launched a battery of questions about the position of Valls regarding several social measures.

The PDeCAT sees Valls as “losing bet”

The candidate of the PDeCAT to the Mayor of Barcelona, Neus Munté , has considered that the candidacy of former French Prime Minister Manuel Valls is a “losing bet” , has said that he is a politician badly valued in France, and has predicted that he will not fit in Barcelona either .

Barcelona can not become an egos fight between Colau and Valls “, he assured at a press conference on Wednesday, and has accused Valls that his candidacy is moving for a personal project while the Catalan capital needs to recover the illusion and the push.

Munté has assured that the candidate does not fit with the model of the city of Barcelona: “As much as he tries to dissociate himself from Cs, Manuel Valls is and will be the candidate of Cs . He will be a candidate of a monarchical option and clearly of the right”.

The PSC sees in Valls a “marketing and deception operation”

The leader of the PSC in the City of Barcelona, Jaume Collboni , has held on Wednesday that the announcement by former French Prime Minister Manuel Valls that he will opt for the Mayor’s Office of Barcelona is “a marketing operation and a deception, because it hides the political support that has, that Albert Rivera, Cs and Faes . “

“That they want us to pass this operation as a transversal platform appealing to the progressive vote falls under its own weight”, because initiatives and positioning of Valls on immigration and social rights in France show that it is anything but progressive , Collboni said at the press.

The also socialist mayor has said that it is an attempt to launder a Cs operation, and has asserted that Valls’ candidacy is more related “to his personal need to relaunch his political career than the future of the city” .

ERC sees Valls without a clear ideology

The spokesman of ERC in the City of Barcelona , Jordi Coronas, has criticized the former French Prime Minister Manuel Valls “not part of a clear ideology or have a project for the city or know the city, ” and will be presented as a candidate for mayor when in France it is badly considered, according to him.

He assured at a press conference that, although Valls says that he will attend as an independent, ” everyone knows that Cs is behind , and in the end he ends up lining up with a party that does not make him sick to receive votes from the extreme right”, and he has predicted that no other democratic party with representation in the City Council will join.

Coronas believes that maybe they will do parties that can be located on the far right -has been quoted to VOX-, and has argued that Valls “wants to save his political career taking advantage of a sideboard like Barcelona” when the city deserves much more, and has ensured that his is not a winning bet and that he will not achieve the mayoralty.

The PP discards a common list to win in Barcelona

The direction of the PP has taken note of the candidacy headed by Manuel Valls for the mayor of Barcelona, ​​which looks askance for the way it has been raised and rules out a confluence that dilutes the initials of the party in the Catalan capital.

Sources of the PP dome guarantee that the initials of the PP will be in the second city of Spain , because they believe that, if they leave that space free, it is lost forever.

This morning, the president of the PP, Pablo Casado, ratified that the PP would go to the appointment at the polls in Barcelona , but also was in favor of “talking” among the Constitutionalists to achieve a “sufficient majority”.

In the PP of Catalonia believe that it is still “too early” to analyze how they relate to the candidacy of Valls , which they look with some misgivings about the way he has presented his platform.

They see a certain “egocentricity” in the candidate and warn that Catalonia is a “complicated” electoral terrain.