The PP and Cs are opposed to eliminate the crimes of insults to the King and against religious feelings

The PP and Cs are opposed to eliminate the crimes of insults to the King and against religious feelings

The PP and Citizens have shown this Tuesday against the parliamentary procedure of a proposal of Unidos Podemos to modify the Criminal Code in order to protect freedom of expression by eliminating crimes “that come from the dictatorship” such as insults to the Crown or the mockery against the religious feelings that are at the origin of sentences to tweeters, rappers or the prosecution of actor Guillermo Toledo .

Despite the refusal of these two parties, the Congress will vote in favor of a proposal that counts for its processing with the support of the PSOE, ERC, PNV, Compromís or PdeCAT and that this Tuesday has provoked a debate on the freedom of expression in which they have fitted from denunciations of the ” democratic involution ” in Spain, to slogans in favor of the “prisoners and exiles” and accusations to Podemos of wanting to give “open bar” to the impunity of those who attack the freedom of expression of others.

The deputy of the PP Leopoldo Barrera has announced the negative vote of his group “because we do not share the title”. “It is not to protect freedom of expression, but a free bar of impunity for those who attack the freedom of expression of others , symbols and institutions, impunity in social networks, trivialize hate crimes, offend the beliefs of Catholics and impunity to denounce the police if it bothers the friends of Podemos, “he said.

The tweeter Cassandra Ver a, sentenced to one year by the National Court for making a joke about Carrero Blanco; the singer of Def with Two, César Strawberry , sentenced to a year and a half for the uplifting of terrorism; the rapper Valtonyc , fled in Belgium to avoid a penalty of three years and a half of jail for the crimes of exaltation and insults to the Crown are some of the artists or simple citizens cited on Tuesday in Congress.

The leader of IU, Alberto Garzón , has affirmed that Spain lives “a moment of very serious democratic involution “, in which “the fundamental right to the freedom of expression is violated” by means of a Penal Code that maintains crimes that for United We can “come from the dictatorship”.

As he said, these crimes are “anachronistic” and have caused in recent times situations “absurd” and “grotesque cases” in which “kids or girls to make mentions to Carrero Blanco or jokes about cartoons of ‘Goku lives, the Fight continues ‘they have been processed’. “That a person in his house write a foolishness for his ignorance should be out of the crime , ignorance, ignorance and even stupidity should not be punished, ” said Garzon.

Crown and religious feelings

On behalf of Unidos Podemos, Garzón has proposed that Congress process a reform of the Criminal Code to eliminate some crimes and specify others and has called attention to the ” conservative reactionary climate that is being installed in our country ” and that makes In recent years certain judges have now frequently resorted to crimes that, existing, had hardly been charged in the past.

“Why is it easier today to be punished for criticizing the image of Christ than 15 years ago? What is happening, what climate are we creating so that conservative judges before and now before would see it inconvenient and now convenient?”, He asked Waiter.

The proposition of the law of Unidos Podemos that is expected to be approved this Tuesday seeks to eliminate from the Penal Code the crime “against religious feelings or public derision”, considering that “mockery, satire or any other type of opinion on religious confessions is protected by freedom of expression “. In any case, this group considers that the offenses that could be a crime should be due to the article of the Penal Code that refers to the direct incitement to violence.

The deputy of the PNV Mikel Legarza has affirmed that “the protection of religious ideas does not include the criticisms of those who do not share it,” while Barreda, of the PP, has accused Unidos Podemos of allowing attacks against Catholics, because ” never we have seen them in the mosque . “

Unidos Podemos also proposes to suppress crimes against the Crown , which it considers “a real attack against the freedom of expression”, as well as to stop considering crime ” offenses or outrages of words, written or de facto to Spain, its autonomous communities or its symbols and emblems “that also appears in the Penal Code today and that, according to this party,” represses the criticism against the symbols of our country, the flag and the national anthem “.

Ignacio Prendes , deputy of Citizens, who will vote against processing the reform, has reproached them for not wanting to defend “common symbols and common institutions,” something that is included in the Criminal Code of “all democratic countries.” There are crimes “outrage the country, the head of state and nobody is shocked by it, because defending common signs is to uphold the values ​​and principles that we have given, ” said Prendes.

The fourth article that wants to eliminate United We can of the Penal Code is the one of insults to the Government of the Nation and institutions like the Supreme Court and the Constitutional one and the bodies and forces of security.

Hate and terrorism

In addition, it proposes to modify to specify the offense of glorification of terrorism , which have increased since 2011, when ETA stopped killing, and establish exactly what is a hate crime, something that has caused some of the most furious criticisms of the PP and Citizens, who, compared to the rest, have been placed next to the victims of terrorism.

It hurts me to try to suppress the crime of exaltation because [ETA] has gone down in history, it has not gone down in history,” said Prendes, who recalled the “sacrifice of the thousands of Spaniards” killed by the terrorist group. and that there are still 314 unsolved murders.

“You with those who infringe the rights and those who cheer them and we always with the victims , Mr. Garzón,” said Barreda.

The PSOE will amend

Like other groups, the PSOE that has supported that now the Congress legislates to turn this proposal into law have announced that, nevertheless, they will amend the original text to take into account “the limits” of the freedom of expression that, from an angle u another, all groups have defended this Tuesday.

In this sense, the Socialist spokesperson, Adriana Lastra , pointed out hours before the proposal of Podemos is related to freedom of expression and that it does not have as its sole objective to eliminate the crime of insulting the King or against religious feelings. Already in the parliamentary debate, PSOE deputy Gregorio Villar has said that ” we will examine with all the rigor that is due and formulate amendments according to criteria of necessity, adequacy, legal security and proportionality.”

Prisoners and ‘exiles’ Catalans

For its part, the debate on the freedom of expression of this Tuesday in Congress has allowed Catalan groups to include in the same group the tweeter Cassandra, the kidnapping of the Fariña book and the situation of the prisoners and “exiles” .

Carolia Telechea , of ERC, recalled that ” prisoners and exiles suffer repression by the State to defend a certain political ideology”, while on the part of the PdeCAT Lourdes Ciuró has denounced that in Spain ” Jordis is imprisoned because they say that They acted illegally for having peacefully defended the independence of the Catalans. “