The woman deceased in a fire that caused her partner had returned with him after a conviction for sexist violence

The woman deceased in a fire that caused her partner had returned with him after a conviction for sexist violence

Yolanda Jaén, 50, who died Tuesday at the Miguel Servet hospital in Zaragoza as a result of the serious injuries suffered in a fire allegedly caused by her partner , had previously denounced the man, who had even had a restraining order and who came to serve a sentence, to whose end they lived again.

This has been confirmed by the Minister of Citizen and Institutional Relations, Ana Ollo, in a concentration of condemnation of the death of Yolanda Jaén Gómez, allegedly at the hands of his partner who is in custody and is charged for the crimes of fire and homicide or attempted murder .

There, both she and the mayor of Pamplona, ​​Joseba Asiron, have advanced that they will appear as a popular accusation in the cause opened by this death since everything points to a “case of macho violence”.

As for the victim, the counselor has specified that she had not been attended to in the services and resources available to the Government of Navarre for victims of gender violence; it was later when they learned of the existence of the previous denunciations and of the sentence, already fulfilled, of the man who is now in provisional detention.

“There will probably have to be a review of the laws from the normative point of view, of the legal corpus surrounding these victims, because reality shows that these facts tend to be repeated , that once a procedure is initiated it is very likely that it is repeated again, “he indicated.

In this line has remarked that within the State Pact of Violence against Women, a request that has always made Navarra is to ” change the law to include victims, not only couples and ex-partners , but to include all types of violence, not only physics, like the one in this case, which is the most cruel “.

“We must change the state law because reality is surpassing us by many circumstances,” he said, after what has announced that probably next week will adopt the agreement to appear as popular action.

Institutions and citizens condemn crime

Representatives of the main institutions of Navarra and citizens have concentrated this afternoon in silence in the town hall of Pamplona to condemn the death of women.

The City Council of Pamplona has convened a silent rally, which has lasted for about five minutes, followed by prolonged applause. Parliament will also keep a minute of silence before the plenary session tomorrow.

The mayor of Pamplona, ​​Joseba Asiron, from the “prudence” since it has decreed the secrecy of summary, has shown the “deepest rejection” for what happened and has been convinced that “this death is deeply rooted, is structural within society and you have to fight against it. “

“We are more convinced than ever that we must persevere in this strategy, continue to work hand in hand with the feminist movement,” he said, after what he said he was sure that Pamplona, ​​as a citizen who decided at the time to take the lead of the fight against the sexist aggressions, also now will massively support the mobilizations.